In this area the creativity of anyone through economic and moral rights are protected; either when they belong to the same person or different.

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We offer our services to clients such as writers, graphic designers, sculptors, composers, bands, actors, advertising agencies, and computer programmers (software), the latter being the exception of belonging to the technological area.

Copyright is mainly divided into Work Registration and Reservation of Rights to the exclusive use; of which some branches are derived, such as the following:

  • Work register
    • Literature
    • Musical with or without lyrics
    • Dramatic
    • Dance
    • Drawing or painting
    • Plastic or sculptural
    • Comics and cartoons
    • Computer software
    • Photo
    • Applied Art
    • Audiovisual
  • Rights Reserve
    • Journals
    • Supplements
    • Electronic publications
    • Characterization of Human characters
    • Persons or groups dedicate to artistic activities

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An instrument to succeed in a business is the transparency in relationships that derive from it.

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We provide our clients with necessary legal means to assure compliance of the law and have healthy and effective legal relationships with customers and suppliers.

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Suits for damages, conveyancing disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, actions for possession and division of property.


IPEREZ NAVARRETE IP CONSULTING S.C, is a professional group with wide experience in filing, prosecution and litigation in any instance and preservation of intellectual property rights.

We work directly with our customers. We, the partners, are who guide them step by step to provide total security in the protection process of their rights.