We, IPérez Navarrete, have the expertise to provide instruments to defend infringed Intellectual Property rights and also to counterclaim unfair suits arisen against our clients.

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Our firm looks for the conflict solution through alternative means like: negotiation, mediation and conciliation. However, when it is necessary to claim before Federal and Circuit Courts, we have feasible and ultimate strategies to satisfy the protection needs of each of the involved parties. Some of the services wherein we have specialists are the following:

    • Nullity Actions.
    • Cancellation Actions.
    • Infringement Actions.
    • Nullity Trials.
    • Amparo on Industrial Property matters.
  • Family Laws
    • Handling and attending of Divorce petitions.
    • Guardianship issues, child custody and maintenance.
    • Alimony claims
    • Interdictions.
    • Actions for partition and succession of property.
  • Civil Actions
    • Drafting of contracts
    • Resolution of contractual/commercial disputes
    • Voluntary Jurisdiction (actions for specific performance)
    • Suits for damages, conveyancing disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, actions for possession and division of property, actions for attachment of property
  • Labor Laws
    • Advising employees of their rights, resolution of labor-employer disputes
    • Compliance with labor welfare legislations

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We provide our clients with necessary legal means to assure compliance of the law and have healthy and effective legal relationships with customers and suppliers.

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When registering a trademark you get different benefits to improve your business, expanding its creative and commercial possibilities.

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IPEREZ NAVARRETE IP CONSULTING S.C, is a professional group with wide experience in filing, prosecution and litigation in any instance and preservation of intellectual property rights.

We work directly with our customers. We, the partners, are who guide them step by step to provide total security in the protection process of their rights.