IPEREZ NAVARRETE IP CONSULTING S.C, is a professional group with wide experience in filing, prosecution and litigation in any instance and preservation of intellectual property rights. Corporate Law, Civil Law and Labor Law.

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We work directly with our customers. We, the partners, are who guide them step by step to provide total security in the protection process of their rights.

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Guillermo Pérez González

Guillermo has a LLB from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. He started his practice in Administrative Law at the Federal Administrative Courts, which helps him to acquire a standpoint of this law area. After some years in the public service, he decided focusing on Intellectual Property matters, working for firms in such field.

Areas of Practice

Analysis for viability of trademarks, providing our clients with an accurate counsel for the best protection of their rights, as well as their possibility of success.

Filing and prosecution of trademarks and responses to Office Actions to overcome rejections issued by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.

IP Litigation. Wide experience in litigious proceedings before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, the Federal Tax and Administrative Courts and the Federal Circuit Courts; such as:

  • Nullity actions
  • Cancellation actions
  • Unfair competition and infringement actions
  • Appeals
  • Judicial Proceeding (Amparo Suit)

The foregoing includes trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial models and Licenses.

Review and drafting agreements for trademarks and copyrights (licensing, assignments, commercialization and marketing related to trademarks).

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María Elena Navarrete Medina

Maria Elena is a lawyer graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. More than 30 years of experience has allowed Maria Elena an ample knowledge in several areas of Intellectual Property, such as Patents, Trademarks and Copyright. She has worked as manager for different firms in the prosecution, in-depth examination and renewals of Patents before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and the Federal Courts.

Areas of Practice

Patent Searches: She has a vast experience in the management of databases, such as WIPO, USPTO, ESPACENET, for analyzing the inventions, utility model or industrial designs, to recommend the best protection for the clients’ rights, or to prevent possible infringements.

Filing and prosecution of any kind of Industrial Property cases, such as Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Copyrights.

Counseling on the legal arguments to overcome objections during the substantive examination of the inventions in several areas, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, mechanics, electrical and designs.

Maintenance of rights. The importance of maintaining Patents and Trademarks alive, allows her to learn and practice fees packaged payment, assignments, changes of names, etc.

Conducting analysis and investigation works to determine the risk of infringements of patents and to advice on freedoms or restrictions to operate.


Eduardo José Rivero Debenardi

Eduardo José Del Rivero Debernardi has a LLB from the Universidad Autónoma de Campeche. He started his practice at the Legal Counsel of the Governor of Campeche where he acquired practice in the study of Federal Legislation; subsequently decided to focus on Corporate Law and begun working in a couple of specialized Law Firms in Mexico City.

Areas of Practice

Corporate Law: Legal Counsel in the Incorporation of a company, preparation and/or revision of the incorporation act, holding ordinary and/or extraordinary shareholder meetings, granting and revocation of powers of attorney, registration before the National Registry of Foreign Investment, submission of the annual report before the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, opening and updating the corporate books, legal audit and liquidation of a company.

Contracts and Agreements: Drafting and review of contracts, agreements and any other business documents.

Immigration Law: Obtaining or renewing the certificate of employer before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and obtain or renew a work permission for an employee.

Privacy Notices: Drafting of the privacy notices required by Law and a manual.

Franchising: Franchising contracts and a link between the legal and operational sides.

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Silvia G. González Goytia

Silvia is a graduate lawyer of the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, who started her practice specializing in Tax Law as a public servant in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. After retiring several years of the professional field, she has come back devoting her time to her great passions: teaching, languages and public relations. She has the expertise to carry out translations, since her studies certify her as an expert translator; besides being authorized and appointed by different courts of justice to take part in legal proceedings as an official translator. Her way with words, her ability to relate with other people, and her foreign language skills, make her an important asset to deal with the public relations of the firm.

Areas of Practice

English - Spanish, Spanish – English translations of all kinds of documents, especially legal ones. She has provided this service to individuals as well as to various legal and business firms.

Fluent and spontaneous expression in both oral and written English, and listening and reading comprehension in German. This command of foreign languages has been developed and honed through teaching practice.

Responsible for generating links between organizations and individuals, and to convince and integrate opinions assertively.

Managing internal communication within our firm as well as external communication with other firms and companies, and potential customers.

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Jorge Pastrana

J. Pastrana is an industrial chemical engineer graduated from the Universidad Veracruzana; he has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of Chemical Sciences, particularly in the technical and industrial fields related to Organic and Inorganic Chemistry; he is constantly updating on the topic of engineering related to Clean Technologies and Renewable Energy. Due to his technical knowledge, he expertly handles issues related to Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs.

Areas of Practice

Assistance in the review and analysis of inventions to find the most appropriate recommendation for the protection of inventions; also providing inventive solutions to problems and doubts in the technical fields of Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics; Polymer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Oil Industry, Drilling of grounds or rocks, various Industrial Techniques and Metallurgy; Medical Devices, Implants and Prosthetics, Food Industry, Industrial Technologies; Mechanical Engineering, Electricity and some Biotechnological areas, such as Soil Remediation and Environmental Technologies.

  • Specialist on responding official actions issued during the substantive examination.
  • Patent searches in national and international databases.
  • Making projects of ‘Freedom to Operate’ in synergy with the legal area.
  • Drafting of Patent, Utility Models and Industrial Designs applications.
  • Technical Translation Spanish-English and English-Spanish.